Coldplay Ask Fans To Create Their Own ‘A Head Full Of Dreams’ Artwork – See 10 Of The Best

16 million followers on Twitter probably isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. For a start, how the hell are you supposed to keep up with all your @ mentions? Let alone delete that late night drunken tweet before anyone notices. Mass followers might be a veritable minefield of mis-communication, but they’re also your most loyal fandom, willing to jump on board any snazzy new album promo opportunity in a flash.

Lady Gaga has her Little Monsters, Charli XCX has her Angels and Coldplay have their, er… Players? Anyway. With their seventh studio album ‘A Head Full Of Dreams’ released on Friday, Coldplay have launched a website where fans can recreate the album’s trippy cover art.

After chopping up your own photos you can add stickers, turn the new cover into a gif and post it to social media with the hashtag #myAHFOD. The new tool has inspired plenty of creativity, lateral thinking and enthusiasm. See 10 of the best below.

First thing’s first, put yourself in it. This is going to be your new profile picture, obviously. So get yourself in there, right in the middle.

Coldplay famously promoted ‘A Head Full Of Dreams’ by sticking up posters of the album artwork on the London Underground before an official announcement had been made. If you’re feeling just as subversive don’t pick your usual avatar, go for something a little more challenging. A child’s head on an adult’s body, for example. Creepy.

Give Coldplay a run for their money by going full on Windows clip art chic.

It’s a defining moment in any band’s career. And quite frankly, we’re surprised it hasn’t been immortalised on an album cover before. Coldplay appeared in The Simpsons in 2010 when Homer won the lottery and took Bart to a private concert featuring the band.

Sorry, scrap everything we said about modding up the artwork with your own photo. How selfless. Get your cat in there, quickly now. Although watch out, Chris Martin is no longer a veggie…

If you have no cat / wish you didn’t have to wait another two full days for the new Coldplay album / wish there was no new Coldplay album at all, you know what to do. Grumpy Cat.

Reportedly, staring too long at Coldplay’s new album artwork is akin to licking psychedelic frogs or spending too long up at the Stone Circle at Glastonbury. Before you know it you’ll be seeing Chris Martin’s head spinning counter-clockwise with rainbow lasers for eyes everywhere you look.

The acid smiley, a perennial symbol of good times, late nights, conversations you’ll never remember and Coldplay. What do you mean you haven’t heard their old school house mix? Maaaaaate.

This one has a very clear message. It says, ‘hey, I’m not just excited about the album. I’m holding out for the ‘A Head Full Of Dreams’ stadium tour in 2016.’ Tickets are on sale now.

Simply captioned, ‘Young Chris with a head full of dreams’ Twitter user maybeimaghost has captured a sensitive poignancy so rarely seen in the over-crowded world of gifs. Ah, Chris. Did you ever think it would come to this?