Cole Alexander (Black Lips) – Does Rock’n’Roll Kill Braincells?

The next victim of our weekly memory test.
When he was producing for you, what did Mark Ronson eat that nearly killed him during the recording of ‘Arabia Mountain’?
“The official answer is liver sashimi, but we have our doubts.”
Correct. But what are these doubts?
“Well, we didn’t say at the time, but we also ate the hottest chicken wings in the world. They were billed as ‘suicide wings’ and we had extra hot sauce too. The liver sashimi isn’t totally in the clear, but there’s another contender…”

What was the name of the BBC television show on which you made your debut British TV appearance?
“Well, I wasn’t here for it, but was it The Culture Show on your fine BBC2?”
Wrong. It was panel show The Wall that was on BBC3
“The show with Alexa Chung? That was fun, but the fuckers ran the credits over our performance! I guess that shows how important rock’n’roll is these days!”
If it’s any consolation, critics called it “the worst panel show in TV history”
What are you doing on the cover of the July 2011 issue of
Spin magazine?

“I have no idea, and we constantly ask ourselves the same question. When are we going to be on the cover of NME? Oh, you mean what are we doing literally? We’re burning a guitar.”
To the nearest 5,000, how many ‘likes’ do Black Lips have on Facebook?
Wrong. But good guess. You have 46,593 at the time of this interview

What is the name of the main character in the silent film Les Vampires, who featured on the cover of your debut album?
“Wow, that’s a great question! But that was eight years ago. No idea, what was it?”
Wrong. It was Irma Vep, which of course is an anagram of vampire
Who designed the artwork for the cover of your debut album?
“My favourite. Bradford Cox from Deerhunter!”

Complete the following Black Lips lyric: “At home, he throws a hissy fit…”
“Oh man, er, ‘He doesn’t give a shit… Time out, he doesn’t give a shit!’ That would be fucked up if I got that wrong!”
Correct. That would be from ‘Bad Kids’


Name two other artists other than Black Lips who appeared on the Scott Pilgrim Vs The World soundtrack.
“We were in such good company on that album, but the first two names that spring to mind are Beck and The Rolling Stones.”
Correct. Plus we would have accepted Plumtree, Frank Black, Beachwood Sparks, Broken Social Scene, T Rex, The Bluetones, Blood Red Shoes, Metric or Brian LeBarton
Where are the band Black Lace from?
“Black Lace? Jeez, let me guess. Manchester?”
Wrong. They’re actually from Leeds in West Yorkshire and they had an infamous 1984 hit called ‘Agadoo’
“Aga-what? Are they any good? I’m off to look at them on YouTube right now…”

At which venue were you credited with inciting a riot in 2008?
“Heaven in London. And we’re thinking of doing a sequel. Should we? (Speaks to some other people in the room). Fuck it, yeah, we’re gonna do another one and make it even messier this time! (Laughs)”
Correct. And see you there!

Total Score: 6/10
“Really? I figured I’d be more braindead than that! Well, thank you for quizzing me. There’s a man standing at my door with some Chinese food now, so I’m going to go!”