Come On Noel, If People Could Get Coffee For Free They Wouldn’t Pay For That Either

You can always rely on Noel Gallagher to have a moan about something whenever he’s in the vicinity of a dictaphone. His latest gripe is with coffee shops, not because his local Starbucks has been advertising pumpkin spiced lattes since August, but because they are apparently to blame for music being “ruined”.

According to Noel, the decline of the music industry is because people are totally happy to spend all their cash on caramel macchiatos and soy lattes, yet refuse to see music as something to invest in and a valuable use of their hard-earned dosh. But consider this – if you could get fancy coffee for free like you can the latest albums, would you still pay for your caffeine addiction?

Of course you wouldn’t. You’d take as much as you could get, give yourself a serious case of the shakes and find something else to spend your money on. As with the musicians who make the records we can all now enjoy largely for free (or a minimal amount per month) via services like Spotify, it might not be fair on the coffee bean harvesters or baristas who made our enjoyment of such delicious drinks possible, but that’s the way society is now.

Moaning about it isn’t going to change things – that freeloading, entitled attitude is so ingrained now it’ll be almost impossible to reverse. What will is moving with the times and finding new ways of giving your art value, rather than sitting back and expecting your latest release to be met with the sound of a billion ringing cash registers. Devaluing music by making it readily available for free is far from the greatest development the world’s ever seen if you give even the remotest fuck about the artists making your favourite songs, but that doesn’t mean music is “ruined” by any means.