Connie Constance On How The Spice Girls, Her Lucid Dreams And Punk Influence Her Sound

Jazz-infused R&B from a 21-year-old Londoner

Whether it’s old-school jazz, poetry, punk, the Spice Girls or her own bats**t dreams, the inspiration for Connie Constance’s music is pleasingly diverse. It’s how she likes it.

What kind of influence did acts like the Spice Girls have on your generation of music makers?

“For one they had Scary Spice, who was someone like me to look up to in the limelight. Now you don’t really have anyone who’s straight up embraces their African or Caribbean features, but they were totally owning being a female in the nineties, and became so influential to younger people.”

You got into a prestigious dance school, but dropped out. Why?

“When you’re learning dance routines there, you don’t put any kind of style on it, it’s just so rigid. I just knew I loved singing and writing so I said ‘fuck this I’m just gonna go do that’. I perhaps wouldn’t trust my instincts straight away leaving a school that again, though that naivety kind of saved me.

Writing poetry at a young age helped your introduction into songwriting, right?

“Yeah a hundred percent. I had somewhere to release, and sometimes I would base the whole song off my poems. I really want to encourage kids to write down how they feel or express how they feel somehow.”


Tell us about your new single ‘Clouds’

“It’s based on a lucid dream I had. At one point I was flying and when I was moving my hand I could feel the wind going through them, it was fucking crazy. It was like ‘Woah what is going on in my mind’ so when I woke up I just put it straight down, but you don’t forget them.”

Being a massive punk fan – how do you incorporate that into your music?

“For me punk is the most British sound and I take that into my music, especially the vocal delivery. I feel like the punk movement will come back in a different way with people like King Krule, they don’t necessarily sound punk, but for me they are punk in attitude.”

‘Clouds’ is available to buy now

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