The coolest, cutest, and oddest moments in ‘BTS World’, BTS’ brand new mobile game

You're given the task of steering the Korean conquerors to global success

Earlier this week, one clever Twitter user put fans in the stressful position of acting as Beyoncé’s PA. Now, BTS are upping the stakes even more and calling on fans to go back in time and guide them to the astonishing success they’ve achieved in the first six years of the band.

BTS World, a new interactive mobile game, launched earlier today (June 26), moving the Korean idols’ world domination from the charts, stadiums, and internet, and direct to our phones. You can style the members, give them tasks like completing composing workshops, or writing profiles of each other for press kits, and talk to them in your own group chat. It’s basically the K-pop version of Football Manager and it’s pretty great.

It’s based on their real personalities

Even brand new ARMYs know Suga is a savage, Jin is the world’s most confident man (as well as being worldwide handsome), and RM is always losing things. The game is full of little quips and details that feel incredibly realistic. It’s all fun and games when Jin is making comments about his good looks or RM is worried he’s lost his phone despite talking to you on it as he panics but, honestly, being on the receiving end of Suga’s sass is a feeling we could do without.

You can unlock a brand new song


As if BTS haven’t gifted us enough lately with three collaborations for the game’s soundtrack, there’s more new music inside BTS World. Once you clear level 1-14, you’ll be rewarded with a brand new song featuring all seven of the members. ‘Heartbeat’ is a lightly bubbling ballad, crisp with emotion that swells more intensely with every cry from Jimin, Jungkook, V, and Jin. For now, the track is only available in the game, but will be released to the rest of the world on Friday (June 28).

The acting is truly something

Acting is, perhaps, not something BTS are known for (although V did star in K-drama Hwarang in 2017). BTS World gives them a chance to finesse those skills with video stages and voiceovers for the phone calls they make to you within the game. There are moments that are particularly rusty but it’s all worth it for the first time V decides to give you a bell. His over-dramatic voice whines through the speaker that’s anxiety-inducing at first and then downright hilarious. 

There are a lot of cute details

Trust anything BTS are involved in to be packed with the most minutest of details. One of the three currencies you’re given in the game are wings – just like the name of the song and 2016 album. In the video stages, you can watch them embroiled in a rock, paper, scissors battle to decide who gets what room just like in Bon Voyage, and there’s even a little reference to Jungkook’s love of banana milk.

Throughout the game, you can also give the band gifts to help them regain top condition. Those presents vary per member, but if you don’t uwu your face off at being able to give RM a tiny orange crab, are you even ARMY at all?

It imagines an alternate universe where BTS don’t exist

A world where BTS never got together might not be a world we want to inhabit, but a neat feature of the game is exploring what the members might be up to if global superstardom wasn’t in their futures. When you’re not busy helping the Bangtan Boys on their way to becoming the biggest band in the world, you can hop over into a parallel universe and meet farmer Kim Taehyung, wannabe vet Jung Hoseok, and budding Taekwondo master Jeon Jungkook.

But sometimes it gets a little too fan fiction-y…


Obviously getting stuck into BTS World requires you to suspend your disbelief a little bit – how likely is it that any of us are going to manage BTS anytime soon let alone going back in time to do so? But there are moments in the start of the game and in the choose your own adventure-style conversations you can have with the band that feel like they’ve been pulled straight from a fan fiction book. In some chats, you’re offered the chance to suggest the members were thinking about you or to respond to their offers to help you out with anything you need with an “Ooh anything?!” that feels like it should be followed with a hundred winking emojis. We might never actually manage BTS but how about throwing a little professionalism into the game as well as all the thrills of being thrown into their world?

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