Courtney Love had a lovely time with some firemen last night

Those guys had hella hose.

Little treat for us all last night, as Courtney Love went live on Instagram to film some firemen dancing in the street. This, of course, raises a few questions. Why did Courtney Love do this? Does she have that fireman’s number? How did she do this? We may never know the answer to these questions, except for the last one, which is that she filmed it on her phone. I’m working diligently on the answer to the second question.

It’s probably safe to say that Kurt and Courtney’s daughter, Frances Bean Cobain, makes more of a mark on the internet than her mum nowadays, as she’s very good at Instagram (good God does that women know her way around a meme). Courtney, though, is having a lovely time nonetheless. Last night she livestreamed some street performers dressed as firemen, performing stunts with ladders and suchlike while Billy Idol’s 1982 hit ‘White Wedding’ played in the background.

Look! As one fireman runs circles around another, who stands up dead straight holding the aforementioned ladder, ready for action. Gasp! As a commenter named ‘lanadelreycaptions’ posts the immortal words, ‘Firemen are so hot’. Marvel! At the fact that only 640 of Courtney’s 670,00 Instagram followers are watching this mildly diverting street entertainment. They’re probably waiting for Frances’ latest immaculately filtered missive. And who could blame them?

At one point, fireman number one laid down while the other USED THE LADDERS AS A PAIR OF STILTS to walk over him. I didn’t screengrab this bit because I’d sort of lost interest, but things hotted up again when the firemen lit a series of torches, ready to do something highly exciting. Unfortunately Courtney had lost interest too, because the stream ended before we found out what the firemen had planned. Questions upon questions, questions upon questions.