LA Duo Courtship Announce Their Arrival With Joyous Pop Belter ‘Stop For Nothing’ (Premiere)

This week, the UK’s sweltering weather is probably making you feel like you’re in Los Angeles right now. The people on streets of our cities are sweating and the beaches across the nation are filling up, so I guess we need some decent tunes to go with it, right?

Arise, Courtship. (the full stop is intentional), whose debut single ‘Stop For Nothing’ might just be the sunshine-tinged track that your life is crying out for right now. Comprised of duo Eli Hirsch and Micah Gordon the pair met while performing in another group, Bloodboy, but have decided to go it alone with a slate of new material. Gordon had previously had worked with acclaimed songwriter Tobias Jesso Jr. and Misch with West Coast rock group DREAMERS, but Courtship. is an effort that’s purely between the two of them and ‘Stop For Nothing’ is a brilliant launching-off point. It falls somewhere between the joyous and shameless pop of Foster The People and the weirdness of electro-pop princes MGMT, but with a stamp of individuality that marks their intentions to become indie-pop’s next big thing. On first showing? They might have a decent shot.

Listen to the new single below, which is available now via 20XX.