‘Best Viewed On Mushrooms’ – The First Critical Reactions To Marvel’s ‘Doctor Strange’

The first reactions to the highly-anticipated movie starring Benedict Cumberbatch are in

Marvel fans have been waiting a long time for Doctor Strange. The film has had several false starts since first being listed as in pre-production all the way back in 1986, but last night (October 19), critics in the US were amongst the first people to finally see the completed movie.

That extremely long wait is just one reason why its release has been highly anticipated. Benedict Cumberbatch plays the titular Doctor, a neurosurgeon who embarks on a journey into the world of mystic arts after a car accident ends his career. Cumberbatch’s magical superhero not only gets to wear the Cloak Of Levitation, but can also cast spells, make weapons out of light and travel through portals.

The British actor is joined in the cast by Tilda Swinton, who plays The Ancient One, Doctor Strange’s eventual mentor, Rachel McAdams (fellow surgeon Christine Palmer), Mads Mikkelsen (master of the mystic arts Kaecilius) and more.

The film gets a UK release on October 25 and, if you’re finding the wait hard, these critics’ opinions might not help you remain calm. If you’re looking to get even more hyped up, then rejoice – despite some disagreements about the movie’s use of humour, it sounds like it’s gonna be great.