Crystal Fighters – Xtatic Truth (Radioproof Fighting Remix) Free MP3

We stopped going out last Christmas. It was too dark, too cold, and Jonathan Ross was interviewing Vin Diesel. But now that girls have started wearing those Jesus sandals, and summer is calling to us from the park, our once icy resolve to spend the rest of eternity watching telly indoors with the curtains closed is slowly melting away.

With that in mind we’ve started putting our ear to the digital ground, waiting for this summer’s mixes to soundtrack the end of our convalescence.

This is one of our first discoveries, a remix of the Crystal Fighters track ‘Xtatic Truth’ by Radioproof.

Crystal Fighters

Apparently Crystal Fighters evolved from a young girl’s discovery of her late Grandfather’s unfinished opera, while she was holidaying in Spain. The result of combining this mythical element to the multi-instrumentalist skills of producer Radioproof is violent imaginings of robots dancing on Balearic beaches.

While Radioproof spends his summer writing and collaborating with various up-and-comers, Crystal Fighters will be on a pilgrimage back to their native land to play the Basque annual Summer Solstice Cave Rave. This is an historic celebration of all the season’s main delights – namely the burning of witches.

We’ll probably be watching Jonathan Ross.

Download Radioproof‘s remix of Xtatic Truth here

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