Curses! & David Rubato Aeroplane Remix – Double Free MP3

So we all know Ed Banger have taken their feet of le pédale recently, what with their iffy third compilation (“in party we trust”?!), that unlistenable Mr Oizo album, and having had their prize DJs outed as mime artists, but there’s some good news: another French label have been quietly mining away at the dance coalface and uncovering several new gems.


Institubes not only have a brilliant label manifesto, but they’ve been unearthing monolithic dance tunes for a while.

One of these downloads is pretty old now: the Aeroplane remix of David Rubato’s ‘Circuit’ did the blog rounds last year, but it’s such a good track it should outlive the digital gluttony for box fresh music; think of it as a B-side to the massive other tune we’re giving out today from Curses!.

Curses! has already fired a toxic warhead across our bows as Drop The Lime

…but this is something different altogether. ‘The Deep End’ – his second record for the label – is a disco house monster swaggering in on mean Morricone riffery, while our Holy Ghost mix stretches it out to eight minutes and pulls in LCD’s vocalist Nancy Whang to the party. Download it now and wait for the sirens at seven minutes in; I defy you to listen to anything else this weekend.

‘The Deep End’ (and for that matter the excellent ‘Solar Apex’ from Chateau Marmont) is out on Institubes next month.

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Download Aeroplane‘s remix of Circuit here

Download the Holy Ghost remix of The Deep End here