Dad’s Army Star Blake Harrison Talks On-Set Shenanigans And The 20-Foot Manure Pyramid

Dad’s Army is out today – a 2016 reboot of the beloved 1968-1977 sitcom starring Bill Nighy, Michael Gambon, Catherine Zeta Jones and Blake Harrison. It tells the tale of Captain Mainwaring and his rubbishy Home Guard acting soldiers in Walmington-on-Sea during WWII. Harrison plays a dim-witted softie called Pike, who wears a knitted scarf and whose flat feet prevented him from serving in the army proper. We asked Harrison to tell us about his role in the movie and whether he took notes from Ian Lavender, who played the original Pike in the TV series and stars in the film as Brigadier Pritchard.

The Dad’s Army cast is a medley of beloved British comedy actors, and Harrison has plenty of fun stories from the set – but as well as all the bloopers behind camera, one of the things that struck Blake the most was the 20-foot manure pyramid he encountered on his first day. Hear about it below.

Harrison also recently starred in E4 series Tripped, a sci-fi comedy pitting a stoner and his mate against assassins in a parallel universe, and it’s newly available on DVD now.