Daft Punk are soundtracking the weirdest meme you’ll ever see

You won’t be able to unsee this

We’ve all seen the tablecloth trick in movies – where an overconfident waiter manages to whip out a cloth from under a table of crockery, without any of the plates or cutlery ending up on the floor.

But one man is taking this to new extremes in the weirdest viral trend you’ll ever see. Nothing will prepare you for this.

Accompanied by Daft Punk’s ‘One More Time’, this chap’s going to new levels to try the trick. Utilising household appliances like a fan or a hoover, the performances usually end in nudity with only a teacup to cover his modesty. It’s easier to watch than explain:


In the videos posted on Twitter, he performs a series of his unique tricks each more bizarre than the next, and each one is soundtracked by the electronic duo banger ‘One More Time’

And he’s clearly been honing his tablecloth pulling skills for a while, with this compilation being posted on YouTube in April.


And people are equally confused and impressed:


And some have become big fans of the new internet sensation.

Whereas some are just worried about the serious issues:


That’s enough internet for today.