Daft Punk’s ‘Random Access Memories’ – What We Know So Far

Seeing as My Bloody Valentine are clearly settled in the traditional album-tour-album cycle again, what can we hold our breath for now? The second Avalanches album? We’ll suffocate. So thank goodness for Daft Punk who – eight years after last proper album ‘Human After All’ – are whipping us into a state of feverish excitement about the imminent ‘Random Access Memories’.

They’ve become so adept at the regular little teasers that we switch on our laptops every morning just to see if they’ve put a nanosecond’s snippet of new song into a US ad break or if someone’s unearthed a pap shot of Neutral Milk Hotel leaving the disco duo’s studio in the dead of night.

All the clips, rumours and fake-not-fake tracks and tracklistings have enabled us to build a decent picture of what’s coming on 20 May, and with first single ‘Get Lucky’ now released on iTunes, here’s what we (think we) know so far.

Nile Rodgers is on it

We’ve known this for blimmin’ months because the Chic legend can’t keep his trap shut, and no one would tell him to either. In fact, the first most people knew about Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter’s return was when Rodgers started giving them props on Twitter. As far as viral campaigns go, it was a starry beginning.

Giorgio Moroder is there and even has a song named after him

Just when you thought it couldn’t get more disco than two French dudes and the main geezer out of Chic, along comes Italian dance pioneer Giorgio Moroder. “The world needs something new,” he says wisely, but if there’s anything half as spectacular as Donna Summer’s ‘I Feel Love’ on ‘Random Access Memories’ we’ll forgive a bit of old. ‘Giorgio by Moroder’, somewhat fittingly, will be a monologue from the great man recorded on an array of microphones from across the ages.

Pharrell Williams actually seems to believe de Homem-Christo and Bangalter are robots

So yeah, Pharrell’s on it, a good couple of times. But take what he says with a pinch of salt – on his Collaborators video, Williams bangs on about “the robots” so much you start to worry that’s what he really thinks. Jesus, maybe he’s right. Also implausibly, on ‘Get Lucky’ he boasts about being up all night looking for a bit of chemistry with a young lady. He’s 40. By 10pm he’s tucked up in his jim-jams watching ‘TOWIE’.

That Muppets guy Paul Williams and Todd Edwards are also involved

And so’s Animal Collective’s Panda Bear and Chilly Gonzales. And Julian Casablancas is along for the ride too, exercising his already pretty active 80s FM rock gland on ‘Instant Crush’. Todd Edwards is a house producer and the singer on ‘Face To Face’ from ‘Discovery’ in 2001. “This was like a dream, like something in a movie,” he says. Paul Williams was Oscar-nominated for a Muppets movie theme, which raises intriguing possibilities about what’s underneath those helmets.

‘Get Lucky’ sounds like Chic, oddly enough

And the radio edit is now available on iTunes. Here’s the audio.

‘Lose Yourself To Dance’ sounds like Chic too

We know the tracklisting – now

But at first we just knew track times when some enterprising disco detective found Sony’s publishing details.

‘Give Life Back To Music’

‘The Game Of Love’

‘Giorgio by Moroder’


‘Instant Crush’

‘Lose Yourself To Dance’


‘Get Lucky’



‘Fragments Of Time’

‘Doin’ It Right’


The album will be officially launched at the Wee Waa agricultural festival in Australia (17 May)


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