Watch Daisy Ridley Nail Her ‘Star Wars’ Audition As Rey

Daisy Ridley became a worldwide sensation upon the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens last December. Few people had seen her in anything except perhaps Casualty or Silent Witness before she made her big-screen debut as Rey – a steely scavenger orphan eking out an existence on the desert planet of Jakku. Now footage has emerged of Ridley’s fierce audition for the part, acting out the torture scene in which Rey finds a new source of inner strength and changes the course of the film.

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As she told NME in the week of Episode VII‘s release, she found the whole process daunting, not only working with the original films’ actors. “I had never done a film before this, let alone one with famous people or part of a huge story. I was nervous. Once you get past ‘Oh my god, Harrison Ford’, you realise he’s just a normal guy. Working with the original cast is daunting, but not because they’re famous. They’re just great actors.” Take a look at her audition tape above – you might wonder why she was worried in the first place.

Next time you’ll see her on screen is in Star Wars Episode VIII, which is currently filming towards a new release date of December 15, 2017 – and perhaps in 2017’s videogame adaptation, Tomb Raider, where she is rumoured to be playing the adventuring archaeologist and protagonist, Lara Croft.