Dananananaykroyd – On Tour In Australia

Hi! It’s Duncan here from Dananananaykroyd and we’ll be blogging throughout our tour. We’re starting off in Sydney, every so often we all go, “wait! Indie rock got us here!?”


We’ve been in the country for 5 days, but it feels like a lifetime, but maybe that’s a result of the 50 hours with 3 hours sleep that made up our big travel day.

Our baggage checker in Brisbane airport spotted our guitar cases, and asked what the band’s name was. “Oh yeah I know you, I do listen to the radio!” Erm, ok! Sweet! Then we heard our single on the radio as we drove away. Wait, are we famous here!?

Our first gig was a secret show with Bloc Party and Yves Klein Blue in Byron Bay, all sold out, with a crowd who are happy to jump around and play along with our sometimes ridiculous requests – “stand there!”, “now put your arms like this!”. We hung out with the venue’s dog a lot, made friends with our label people, who’ve been amazing.


The biggest of the 4 shows we’re doing here was always going to be the festival Splendor In The Grass, those Australians know how to do a good wall of cuddles. A few annoying technical problems but masses of people were jumping with us by the end, RESULT!

We celebrate with some ‘Strummers’- a cocktail involving ginger beer, tequila and passion fruit. A fair number of those and I was able to muster enough courage to talk to Wayne Coyne. He’s as nice as you’d hope!

I might hate Callum forever, as he managed to get dressed up as a gecko and dance onstage with the Flaming Lips. I shouldn’t moan though, watching them play is more than enough to keep my happy. Well, when I say happy, I mean shedding a few tears during ‘Do You Realise’. Hey I’m tired! Jet lag!


So yeah, that takes us up to now. We’re playing the Annandale Hotel here in Sydney. It’s where Life Without Buildings recorded their live album, and so it’s a huge deal to me.

So thanks Australia, Britain I do miss you a lot! See you all soon, i’ll leave you with our new video ‘Some Dresses’. Enjoy!

Love Duncan x