Dark Horse: ‘BoJack Horseman’ Season Three Confronts Fame And Mental Health

Will Arnett, the voice of BoJack, goes deep on Netflix’s dark comedy about mental health in Hollywood.

The titular washed-up actor in BoJack Horseman is an egotistical, alcoholic D-lister, and horse, who despises himself. The world he lives in, inhabited by humans and anthropomorphised animals alike, blasts the vacuousness of fame and is among the most harrowing depictions of mental health issues on television. Will Arnett, the voice of BoJack, gives five reasons to tune in to season three…

1. Paul McCartney asked to voice a character in it
Will: “There was somebody else who we asked and they said no, and then Sir Paul McCartney reached out saying he wanted to do it. It was a great moment: ‘Yeah, well we’re OK, man, because Paul McCartney wants to do it. I don’t know if you know him? The Beatles?’”

2. Its take on fame’s drudgery is spot-on…
Will: “Recently I had to do an event, and at lunch I had to sign 200 posters. I thought that if the people who are receiving this poster saw the process of signing them, they might not hold it in such high regard. We live in a time that’s just obsessed with the idea of celebrity and it’s ultimately meaningless, isn’t it?”

3. …As are the show’s visual gags
Will: “It lives in such an absurd alternate reality, and the idea that three children in a coat could convince somebody that they’re an adult man [Vincent Adultman] in a relationship goes to the very heart of the show: anything is possible. People are stupid. That happens in celebrity a lot – we live in a world, in a time, where you can create an identity and a person you show the world. Vincent Adultman is, like, the perfect embodiment of that.”

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4. It is, ultimately, about mental health

Will: “Fame and Hollywood are just an efficient vessel in which to deliver this message on depression, because that’s an exaggerated lifestyle – a heightened reality – and you can really put a fine point on it. A lot of people that end up going into this business are very broken and looking for validation; it’s funny that they’re ultimately searching for it from millions of people they don’t know.”

5. It isn’t afraid to explore the darkness
Will: “Life happens in these frantic, whirlwind-y episodes – a lot of things happen at once and then you’re left in the wake of all that. You’re just trying to make sense of what just happened. That happens a lot in BoJack, and that happens to me. I find myself very affected by it.”

BoJack Horseman season three is released on Netflix July 22nd. Starring Will Arnett, Alison Brie and Amy Sedaris.