Dave Grohl’s Got Competition For The Title Of ‘Nicest Guy In Rock’

From one of his Foo Fighters bandmates, no less

Dave Grohl has long been thought of as the Nicest Guy In Rock. It’s one of music’s constant givens and one of the Foo Fighters frontman’s defining attributes. Everyone who has a story to tell about him will tell you that, no, it isn’t actually a myth – he really is that nice.

He’s preached peace and love at Foos gigs, dropped $1,000 tips at restaurants and helped out fans and fellow musicians in many ways. But his reign as Mr Nice might be under threat and from one of his bandmates – Foo Fighters guitarist Chris Shiflett.

Leeds musician Sinclair Belle, a member of the band Happy Daggers, owned a Fender Chris Shiflett Telecaster Deluxe – the guitarist’s signature model – until it was stolen from his car earlier this year. Somehow, Shiflett saw an article on the theft and, according to Belle, got in touch via Facebook messenger. “I was winding down from the week when a message come through the band’s Facebook page,” he told The Sun. “It was a message from Chris Shiflett. He said he had seen the article and to let him know if I wanted another one.”


“Hey Sinclair. I read about your guitar getting stolen. Bummer! I’d be happy to send you another. Nothing worse than getting your guitar ripped off,” Shiflett apparently wrote to the musician. Belle thought, quite reasonably, it was just one big joke – someone twisting the knife, kicking him when he was already down.

Weeks later, a brand new guitar arrived in the post proving his good old English cynicism very wrong indeed. When Belle sent Shiflett a message to say thank you, he simply responded: “I hope it serves you well my friend.”