David Beckham Wore A Bucket Hat To A Stone Roses Gig Last Night

David Beckham is a man who once stepped out in a sarong. It was the late ’90s; it was a confusing time. We were all a bit dazed at the tail-end of Britpop and we were searching for meaning in our lives. In 2016, though, Beckham has cast aside such experimentalism and is, sartorially speaking, in a more nostalgic place. Now he’s wearing bucket hats to Stone Roses gigs in Manchester.

Wow what a night that I could spend with just another Roses fan that happens to be my boy

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Look how mad fer it David Beckham is at the Etihad Stadium! Enjoy how chill his 17-year-old son Brooklyn is feeling! Try not to dwell on the fact that for some reason Brooklyn is not wearing a bucket hat! Even the Roses were excited about Golden Balls’ presence, dedicating ‘This Is The One’ to the former Manchester United footballer. Luckily he was able to capture it in the worst Instagram video ever filmed.

Wow I have no words…. Unbelievable night on Manchester with the boys

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Fans were feeling vibey about it too.

The real winner here is Manchester, of course, and the story ends even more happily than it began. Enjoy, below, a backstage photograph of The Stone Roses with 41-year-old David Beckham and his 17-year-old son Brooklyn. Marvel at the fact Brooklyn is now wearing his father’s bucket hat. The circle is complete. The magic of the Roses has passed on to another generation. Brooklyn, though, please: don’t be duped into wearing a sarong.