‘I Like To Think He’s Just Got Back Into His Spaceship And Gone Home’ – Fans React To Bowie’s Death

After news broke of David Bowie’s death, it didn’t take long for fans to gather together to mourn the loss of their musical hero.

In his hometown of Brixton, South-West London, Bowie’s legacy had already been memorialised with a Ziggy Stardust mural adorning a wall near to the high street. By 10am this morning, members of the public were gathering by it to lay flowers, pay their respects and remember the man who meant so much to so many.

We headed down to talk to the people drawn there about what Bowie meant to them. From his musical legacy to the clothes he wore, his affect on gender roles and even how he helped make being ginger cool, everyone had a personal story to tell about Bowie and the impact he had on their lives.

Watch the video below.