David Cameron had a mad one at Wilderness Festival

Woaaaaah David-y Cameron

Festivals. The one time a year you can lose all your inhibitions and roam free in a massive field, face covered in glitter, tinny in either hand. The only place it’s acceptable to have beer for breakfast. And the only place you could find yourself asking a bloke to borrow his lighter, only to look a bit closer and realise your fellow raver was the ex-prime minister.

As thousands of revellers descended on the Oxfordshire countryside this weekend, punters were surprised to see one very familiar face in the crowd, as David Cameron popped on his wellies and joined in the debauchery at Wilderness festival.

The ex-Tory leader seemed to thoroughly enjoy his time out on the lash, being spotted photo bombing one punter’s selfie.


Lucy Edwards also took the time to snap a photo with the ex-Tory leader, as he enjoyed the festivities. Cameron enjoyed a cheeky glass of wine and a ciggie as the duo posed for the camera, but little did he know that Edward’s bespangled jacket was emblazoned with ‘Corbyn’ in a big heart on the back…

These weren’t the only attendees to notice Davey C at Wilderness however, with celeb chef Gizzi Erskine admitting she had a little sing with(/at) him:

And she wasn’t the only one to indulge in a bit of singing…



Although some attendees were gutted they didn’t catch a glimpse of Cameron in the crowd:


And some of them are just waiting for the stories…