Wedmau5: Deadmau5 got married and his wedding was as brilliantly ridiculous as he is

The DJ even took time away from Twitter for the occasion

Deadmau5 has never been the muted kind. He lives in a $5m mansion decorated with stuffed moose heads (nicknamed Deadmoo5, of course), giant shoes and pickled human brains. Meanwhile, his Twitter feed – which has seen him beef with everyone from Calvin Harris and The Chainsmokers to Kanye and his own former collaborators – could make Trump seem relatively tame in comparison. So when dance music’s King Troll announced that he was getting married, you knew it was never going to be a low-key affair.

The Canadian DJ/producer (his real name being the less marque-warranting Joel Zimmerman) married his girlfriend Kelly “Grill” Fedoni on Saturday (August 12) and even took time away from Twitter for the occasion. Now that is love and commitment.

Deadmau5 even appeared to have borrowed some pyrotechnics from his live shows:

Everythingns sill fine.

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And a flame-thrower too:

Let's get this fuckin party started.

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With the help of a red smoke machine, he also managed to produce the greatest rockstar wedding photo in living memory:

Even the centrepieces were massive. About a billion white roses and candles, plus some Moët and huge bottles of Corona. Literally something for everyone.


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Deadmau5 even had a beer in hand for his wedding snaps. You can take the artist away from his free rider, but…

Mr and Mrs grill.

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Their choice of first dance tune was not as ridiculous as you might have expected/wished for, though. It was ‘All I Need’ by Radiohead, which is actually a pretty solid selection. We were hoping for Darude – ‘Sandstorm’, if we’re to be completely honest.

But Deadmau5 still managed to find the time to flaunt some serious #squadgoals:

Epic boy band. #JoelAndTheDeadMowCincos #AllTheBestMen #CongratulationsMrAndMrsZimmerman

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Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Mau5!