Decade In Music: NME Radio’s Firas Takes A Trip Down Memory Lane

Today I hit the grand old age of 27. My elders have told me to stop complaining and get on with it so I’m going to do exactly that. I’m going to embrace the wisdom and maturity that awaits, and on today’s blog I’ve decided to take a trip back ten years to the ripe old age of 17 and revisit my 1999 playlist…

First up Aphex Twin. Back then MTV actually played music videos, chocolate bars were bigger and X Factor was just a distant thought in Simon Cowell’s head.

Next up, pop rapper A+. A quick search on Wikipedia doesn’t reveal too much. His Myspace tells a different story. A+, real name Andre, peaked with this little number and it doesn’t seem like his career produced anything of similar worth.

And who could forget Basement Jaxx? Felix from the group had been to my school so there was quite a buzz when this was came out. Around this time I was the editor of our school magazine and he’d invited us to go down to the warm-up gig for their UK tour at a small venue in Leicester so I could interview him. I remember a group of us from school heading down and being blown away by the electronic sounds, Brazilian dancers and pure energy they had.

I can’t remember being that angry at 17 but when feeling slightly riotous I’d always whack on Limp Bizkit. The fact that Method Man is on there is even better.

Supergrass were one of my favourite bands growing up. I’m not sure how socially acceptable it is to admit this nowadays but this was a classic video.

Shamefully enough I also listened to Skunk Anansie. When they came on tour to Nottingham I managed to blag some tickets in my capacity as editor of our student magazine. It wasn’t so much them I was looking forward to seeing but the little known support band playing with them: Muse. This album was without doubt my favourite at the time and still to this day takes pride of place in my CD collection.

And finally I leave you with this. Q-Tip‘s debut offering from his Amplified album.

What were you listening to at the turn of the millenium?