Decoding Blue Ivy’s genius first ever rap verse

Pay attention - you’re witnessing greatness

Hip-hop’s finest have just been dethroned in the space of 45 seconds. Blue Ivy Carter was destined to become a musical prodigy, what with being the child of Jay Z and Beyoncé, but nobody expected it to happen this quickly. A week after her dad dropped latest album ‘4:44’ on Tidal, he shared a bonus track, in which she completely steals the show. ‘Blue’s Freestyle/We Family’ sees her making her rap debut, dishing gold and destroying the competition in one fell swoop.

Fans are already flocking to Genius, trying to make sense of her earth-shaking verse, but we’ve done the hard work for you. Here’s every key lyric she delivers, decoded:

Everything everything this my only single thing”

Rapping. This is it. This is her game. Phase one. No distractions. No time for haters.

“Everything I hear is my answer”


This is all about primary socialisation. When you’re young, you absorb information faster, and the world around you develops which kind of person you go on to become. Blue Ivy just happens to be in the presence of greatness 24/7. All she hears is facts.

“Never seen a ceiling in my whole life
Everything I seen, everything is rotten.”

The verse’s standout lines. First is a bold claim that despite having once been a baby, in a crib, where you’re subjected to staring upwards for a vast majority of your day, she’s never seen a ceiling. This seems improbable.

But in a genius move, she’s also saying that the sky’s the limit. Never before has a 5-year-old blessed the world with a double entendre of this standard.

She then goes on to claim that “everything is rotten”, making her perhaps the youngest artist to go gung-ho political on the Trump-ridden world. Or maybe she’s developing dead-eyed cynicism 20 years ahead of schedule.

“Boom shakalaka
Boom shakalaka
Boom shakalaka
Boom shakalaka.”

This is self-explanatory. Knowledge is power.


“Everything is shaka
Everything is faka
Everything is shaka
Everything is faka.”

See above.

I got bloodlines in Benin, that explains the voodoo
Got poison in my pen, thank god for Lulu.”

Oh hang on, this is Jay Z’s part. As you were BIC x

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