Decoding Taylor Swift’s ‘…Ready for It?’ video

Were you ready for it?

After a few teaser trailers and bucket loads of anticipation from fans, Taylor Swift has released her music video for ‘Ready For It’, and it’s absolutely mad. Featuring Taylor as a cyborg (complete with Cyborg horse, obviously) – the entire music video is an homage to anime and sci-fi, and like in the video for ‘Look What You Made Me Do’, she’s hidden a ton of Easter Eggs throughout it.

Didn’t notice them all? Don’t worry – we’ve decoded the entire ‘…Ready for It?’ video for you:

Writing on the wall


On the wall some of the words daubed are “ur gorgeous” – lyrics from another track from ‘Reputation’, ‘Gorgeous’, and “13” (Swift’s lucky number, and an ongoing motif used throughout her career).

Fans are speculating that other words on the wall could be further lyrics, or song titles from the record. Could ‘All Eyes on Us’ ‘This Is Enough’ ‘I Love You In Secret’ be future song names?

Shout outs to her boyfriend

Taylor seems to be giving props to her bae, actor Joe Alwyn, throughout the video.

Firstly, on the wall we see the numbers 91 and 89 – the years that the duo were born (or could it be a play on the numbers ‘1989’ – the title of her last album?)


Eagle eyed fans have also noticed that on the walls it appears to say ‘Joseph’ with a halo on it:

And at one point she types in ‘21’ into a code pad – and Joe’s birthday is February 21st. A bit tenuous? Perhaps; but does Taylor is known for her meticulous attention to detail.

The importance of the Chinese writing

Throughout the video you also see Chinese writing on the walls – and Swifties have wasted no time in translating the words. These include ‘Joseph’ (the name of her boyfriend, and the video’s director), ‘Taylor’ and ‘Future’

And one of the phrases appears to be ‘Eddy’ – possibly a shout out to Taylor’s celeb bestie Ed Sheeran.

The snake returns

Taylor also includes the Chinese characters for “Year of the Snake” – which could be representing the year Taylor was born in, or another reference to the snake emoji that she was trolled with after her beef with Kimye.

References to past music videos

Throughout, Taylor has been chucking in references to her past music videos. There are these references to the ‘Blank Space’ and ‘Out Of The Woods’ music videos:

The White Horses

Fans have also been quick to notice Taylor’s reference to “white horses” – somewhat of a theme throughout her career. They first featured on her 2008 track ‘White Horse’, then in the ‘Blank Space’ vide0, and here in the ‘…Ready for It?’ video the horse gets an upgrade, to cyborg.

Calvin Harris

Could the opening of the video with the lightening be Tay throwing shade at her ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris? And throughout the video Cyborg Taylor is seen controlling lightening – could they be further references, or just a coincidence?

Taylor Swift’s sixth album ‘Reputation’ will be out on November 10th.