13 videos you need to watch to truly understand the genius of ‘Definitely Maybe’

AKA a good excuse to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Oasis' debut album by watching some classic vids

The Glastonbury ‘94 gig

A year later they were headlining the joint, naturally.

“Eh eh eh eh eh eh, I’ve never been an abuser, but a user…”


From 2016’s Supersonic, the best film ever made

Crystal meth at the Whisky A Go Go!

Bad times in September ‘94. Straight up the tubular bells!

The best version of ‘Live Forever’, ever ever ever

From Maine Road, in ‘96.

The interview in a Parisian cafe


“My name’s Noel, his name’s Liam”. 

Great coats, hand on mic


“I ain’t no hooligan!”

Look how much they love each other!

The absolute madness of ‘Bring It On Down’ in Chicago

Featuring: LG looking swank in his spectacles.

Liam and Bonehead on BBC Radio Wales

Can you believe how sweet these guys are with each other?

This electric version of ‘Married With Children’

From a Radio 1 live session at Maida Vale studios (starts at 3.22, if you’re in a hurry). 

This acoustic version of ‘Supersonic’

December 1993, at Maida Vale Studios, four months before it was released as a single. The voice, man: “You make me LAAAAFFFFFF”.

‘Rock ‘N’ Roll Star’, ‘Columbia’ ‘Digsy’s Dinner’ – live by the sea

For the good people of Southend.

And finally… this Making of Definitely Maybe documentary

Released for the 20th anniversary of ‘Definitely Maybe’, in 2014, and featuring all the lads: Liam, Noel, Bonehead, McCarroll, McGee, Morris, Russell, Archer, Dutt, Coyle, Furmanovsky, Mani, Digsy. No Guigsy though. Please can someone check that Guigsy is okay? Nice one.