The Crowd At Desert Trip Totally Owned The ‘Old-chella’ Tag

Over the weekend, the first edition of Desert Trip took place in Indio, California – at the same site as Coachella Festival.

Boasting headlines sets from Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones, Neil Young, Paul McCartney, The Who and Roger Waters, the average age of performers was 72, and the tickets were priced for rich, older fans too. In the event, the audience skewed much older than your typical festival, but that didn’t mean it was a pipe-and-slippers affair. On the contrary, the audience seemed determined to prove that the Woodstock spirit lives on.

Mick Jagger got in on the joke

The Rolling Stones frontman found time in their set to have a laugh about it all. He told the crowd: “Tonight we’re not going to do any age jokes or anything, OK? Welcome to the Palm Springs retirement home for gentle English musicians”.

There were moshpits


Punters took ownership of the ‘Oldchella’ hashtag

Desert Trip 2016. #Oldchella

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Desert Tripping w/ Dad #oldchella

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Roger Waters stuck it to the man

There was a lot of, er, sharing…

This dude rocked the best T-Shirt of the weekend

Sounds like everyone had a blast

#oldchella #yaaasskween

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