Design Your Own Crap Strokes Album Sleeve

Everyone’s assuming the cartoonish Strokes album artwork that Julian Casablancas Tweeted last night is a joke, though I thought the same when Kanye West unveiled the ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’ sleeve, and that turned out to the real deal.

Anyway, James McMahon has already written about the whole episode, but I thought I’d challenge NME’s Twitter followers to come up with an even worse design for the forthcoming Strokes album. And they didn’t let me down. Check out these Photoshop atrocities.

Aaron Delgado, aka PhantomTheory on Twitter, submitted this one. In his own words: “Featuring a bad-ass explosion and rainbow Comic Sans. Dreadful.”

This one’s from Nev Jopson ( and resembles The Clash’s ‘London Calling’ as daubed from memory by a slow-witted seven-year-old.

Christian Wofford sent in this magnificently piss-poor design. Nothing says “classic album” like a weird mullet-sporting boy with six eyeballs. It’s not even the right shape. Brilliant.

Kudos to Andres Puente for this “sexy” effort, which makes a knowing nod to the ‘Is This It’ sleeve.

Nice work from Joshua-James Scullion, who went with a synchronised swimming theme. How very chillwave.

Kaja Terlikar ( worked up this sheep-themed effort. Meet Me In The Baaathroom, anyone?

And here’s a more conceptual approach from the enigmatically named TC. Quite haunting, this one.

The crappiness of this one from @RocketIM speaks for itself really.

Blame Sophie Hall for this crime against art.

And finally, Virot Florence sent this spooky daubing. It’s completely awful. I love it.