This party was the ultimate multi-sensory experience at ADE

There’s nothing better than a good party. Whether it’s a house party with your closest pals, or a huge warehouse party, there’s something about getting together with your mates and enjoying a couple of beers and some epic tunes courtesy of a wicked DJ (or your pal who bought a £10 strobe online and set up a make shift mixing desk on the ironing board) and having a dance.

But sometimes a night out can be a bit unremarkable, with club after club looking the same and giving the same experience. You queue for ages to get in, only to find yourself in another queue for the cloakroom, and by the time you get to the dancefloor the music is quiet, the lights are dim and your mates are already bored and want to go get pizza on the way home.

But what if you could avoid this? What if instead of this you were at an epic party where you could go beyond hearing the music, but physically feel and see it too. Where the bass made you shake and there was a lightshow that would rival the dance tents at the world’s biggest festivals?

Well this is exactly what Desperados did. As part of their ‘Epic Parties Imagined by You’ campaign they held an event at this year’s Amsterdam Dance Event (which they sponsor) and set out to reach new levels of wild experimentation by creating a bash where you could feel the music.

This idea was imagined by local partygoer Stephanie Snoeck, who wanted to create a multi-sensory experience where you could hear, see and feel the music. To do this all the stops were pulled out. There was a vibrating dancefloor that shook in time with the music, and this was complimented by bass balls that were lit up and placed on the dancefloor (giving off major ball pit vibes), and once there they vibrated along with the music too. If that wasn’t enough, there was 3D projection mapping surrounding the party, a playlist curated by DJ Sluwe Vos that helped partygoers feel the music and an experimental laser show that turned the music’s wavelength and BPM into a light display. And the results were epic!

Stephanie said: “I wanted to create a party that was different than any other experience, where people could literally feel the music and the beats pulsated through the crowd. Thanks to Desperados my epic party idea came to life at ADE – can’t wait to see what their next party holds!”

Desperados ADE

This is the seventh event in the yearlong series of acts titled Epic Parties Imagined by You, where Desperados ignites the party spirit by collaborating with partygoers to bring their most epic ideas to life. In the past, bashes have included the world’s deepest dancefloor, a party in hot air balloons and a house party where the guests had to surrender their phones before entry (forcing them to live in the moment and dance without fear of it ending up on Instagram).

Got an epic idea for your own party and think Desperados should definitely put it on? Share your proposal on social media with the hashtag #WeAreTheParty, and you never know, Desperados just could make it happen!