Dev Hynes – Christmas Q&A

Dev Hynes reveals his favourite sandwich shop, his need for new jeans and the best Christmas gift he’s ever received.

What’s been your highlight of 2011?
I went to this place called Zimmerman’s in Michigan which is probably the best sandwich shop in the country.

So you released an album and were in a Beyoncé video and the highlight was a sandwich shop?
Most definitely. I take turkey club sandwiches quite seriously. The turkey club there is named after Michael Jackson. That was pretty cool.

What was your lowlight of the year?
Probably my computer exploding. It was a real sad moment. It’s still non-existent. It’s time to believe it’s not real.

What was your weirdest moment?
Every moment of this year, besides going to that sandwich shop, has been weird.

And your most embarrassing moment?
I tend to get embarrassed quite a lot, so I’m not sure. I get embarrassed so much that each time cancels out one singular moment. I just tend to keep to myself. There hasn’t been one crazy moment of embarrassment so far… luckily enough.

What’s on your Christmas wishlist?
I’d like a new computer and maybe some new jeans. I have trouble buying jeans. It’s what I really want. I buy jeans every two years and the one pair I really enjoy wearing has finally gone past the line of being able to wear them.

Hole in the crotch?
There are more holes in clothing at this point.

What’s the best Christmas present you ever got?
There was a period when I was a teenager and received a Smashing Pumpkins related gift every year. It was great because it was something to look forward to. I kind of knew what I was going to get but didn’t actually know. That was always cool.

What’s your New Year’s Resolution?
I want to go to Guyana in South America. That’s where my mum’s from and I’ve never had the chance to go there. I want to go there and record. I’ve decided I’ll record the next Blood Orange album whenever I have a chance rather than going somewhere and just banging it out for a couple of weeks. Eddie Grant is from the town that my mum is from and I’m a big fan of him. He was going to sing on the first album but he got really sick. I’m a fan of a couple of albums he’s made from the ’80s.

Wham! or Slade?
Wham!. It’s just the better song and they’re the better band. I personally think they have better songs as a whole.