Devlin talks grime’s resurgence and new album ‘The Devil In’ ahead of TOPMAN ON TOUR WITH NME dates

He joins the tour in Manchester tomorrow (March 29)

In partnership with TOPMAN

After a prolonged absence from music, Devlin returned earlier this year with new album ‘The Devil In’. He’s gearing up to join TOPMAN ON TOUR WITH NME this week (see dates below) and we caught up with him to chat coming back to a grime resurgence. 

It’s been four years since you released an album. Does it feel good to be dropping ‘The Devil In’ at a time when grime is having such a moment?
Devlin: “I was coming back regardless, but obviously that’s a positive thing and I respect the younger generation – they’ve gone and made grime relevant again. There’s some big people – like Skepta, Wiley, Kano and me – who’ve all come back around again. It’s lovely to see all them people back alongside the younger generation.”


Why do you think grime is so huge right now?
“I don’t just put that down to the youngsters making it relevant again this year. It’s been ever since So Solid Crew. People have pushed and every single person has played their part in pushing this thing and giving platforms to the next people coming through. Grime has been accepted now, but it’s took the best part of 20 years probably, from scratch. ‘Bout time.”

And now the big US artists are really embracing grime too.
“It’s nice being shown love, when you see Skepta with Drake and people like that, because that only endorses our scene. Obviously they’re a different genre of music, but they’re much bigger than we are, so it helps us get seen in the public eye more. So really, that’s a blessing and I’m thankful for that… Maybe they like our rawer sound? Maybe they like our hardcore sound, like we used to like the hardcore New York sound?”


Catch Devlin at the following TOPMAN ON TOUR WITH NME shows: 

Wed March 29
Devlin, Paris Youth Foundation
Gorilla, Manchester
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Thu March 30
Devlin, The Bay Rays
O2 Academy Newcastle
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Fri March 31
Devlin, Fickle Friends
Loughborough University
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