Did Foo Fighters take inspiration from Taylor Swift on their new tour?

Coincidence or unlikely influence?

When Taylor Swift embarked on her 1989 World Tour it seemingly revolutionised the model for what a live gig should be. Every day there was a new story about Taylor bringing out another A list pal to join her on stage, from Beck to the US women’s World Cup winning football team. Fans attending the shows eagerly speculated who would join TayTay on stage that night for a “surprise” and totally spontaneous and totally random collaboration, and who would be walking down the catwalk during ‘Style’. Now, on her Reputation tour the surprises haven’t finished, with the ultimate girl squad version of ‘Shake It Off’ and a pre-recorded video of Tiffany Haddish already occurring in the first few shows.

But now Taylor’s tour antics are being rivalled for the headlines, and it’s Foo Fighters are vying for the crown. Whether it’s John Travolta joining Dave and the gang for a Grease cover, or a Foo fan nailing one of the band’s legendary guitar solos after being invited on stage, the entire tour has been a breeding ground for viral videos and “doing a Taylor”. In fact, some of their escapades have been so good some might argue they’ve been too good and could have possibly been… dare we say… planned?

If you’ve somehow missed the mad videos of the Foos’ wacky capers, here’s what they’ve been up to on tour, and how it ranks on the Taylor-ometer™ (the official ranking on tours and the viral moments that come out them).

The time when they shaped up


What happened? John Travolta was presented to the audience at a Foos gig in Florida, accompanied by the band playing ‘You’re The One That I Want’ from Grease.

Taylor-ometer score?  5/10. Although it’s clearly a rehearsed stunt (how else would the band be able to simultaneously burst into such a perfect rendition of the tune?), that doesn’t mean Dave and the gang told dear JT what his “walk on” music would be. Classic pranking from the band.

The time when Dave got a fourth kid

What happened? At their show in Houston, Texas, a fan was holding a sign say “NO DAD – BE MINE?”, so Dave brought him up on stage, telling him that for the next four minutes he’d be his “daddy.” Afterwards the fan explained what happened, saying “I came here like, you know what, this is my first time being in the pit, I gotta do something, I want to get this guy’s attention because Dave Grohl is like, my idol,” Landon later told The Houston Press, adding “I’m being completely serious when I say I’ve dreamed about that exact thing happening for year.”

Taylor-ometer score? 2/10 – this one seems genuinely unplanned, and totally wholesome. Top viral video work.

The one where they found their next guitarist


What happened? At a Foos show in Texas fan Yayo Sanchez was pulled on stage by Grohl as he was holding a sign that said ‘Monkey Wrench’, and was invited to join the band for the song. Sanchez, obviously, totally nails it.

Taylor-ometer? 10/10. The KISS make-up, knowing the guitar part perfectly and the mad stage presence from the fan who was “randomly” pulled on stage make this look like the perfect PR staged moment. On the other hand, Dave is known for pulling fans out the crowd for ‘Monkey Wrench’ – the fact it looks like he was randomly plucked from the crowd means this gets a whopping 10/10 on the Taylor-ometer.

The one where they never gave you up

What happened? At Summersonic last year the Foos invited their new pal Rick Astley on stage, with Dave telling the crowd “This is fucking crazy. I just met him two minutes ago.” They then dove into a rocked-up version of Astley’s 1987 track ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’.

Taylor-ometer score? 8/10. A planned collaboration for a festival is not really an unusual thing, and classic Taylor behaviour; however, not many people manage to bring out the ’80s legend and soundtrack to internet Trolling, Rick Astley.

The one where…a kid just wouldn’t leave the stage

What happened? An 8-year-old fan was invited to join the band on stage to play Taylor Hawkins’ drum kit, but after a few minutes he was still playing, with Dave joking: “He’s still going… Can I have my concert back?”

Taylor-ometer score? 3/10 – totally jokes, and the fact that he doesn’t get off the stage makes it look unplanned – unlike Taylor’s star-studded collaborations.