Diddy Wins Best Guide To The Golden Globes

The real winner at last night’s Golden Globes? Diddy. The hip hop mogul and all-round suave guy knows how to glam up for the red carpet. (Let’s just say he’s not a shower and throw-on-a-suit man.) A generous soul, he gave his Instagram followers a real-time #DiddyGlobes guide to getting ready for the ceremony and, in doing so, won the internet for a few hours.

Heading to the Golden Globes next year? (Of course you are!) Here’s how to look as good as the Didster:

1. Get rid of those dark circles. Diddy flew in these cucumber patches all the way from Milan just to keep his under-eye bags in check. “I know it looks crazy, but nobody said perfection was easy,” he says.


2. Accessorise. We’re talking a sparkling timepiece and matching cufflinks. “Pay attention to detail,” writes Diddy.


3. Have trouble choosing a bow-tie for internationally-renowned awards ceremonies? Diddy – or should we say Goldilocks – has the answer. “Your selection of bow tie is key. You have to make sure your bow tie is not to big, not to small. Just perfect,” he advises.


4. Your drink should match your jewellery. Diddy coordinated his Rare 15ct. Cashmere Sapphire Pinky Ring with the Ciroc Blue he was supping on. If you’re necking Glen’s maybe opt for a ruby brooch?


5. This one’s imperative. Once you’re dressed and ready to go, make sure you revisit your high school prom night by having your picture taken by your ride for the evening. Even if it’s a Vauxhall Corsa.


6. Hang out with an award winner of your choice. Diddy chose Bono. We probably wouldn’t have chosen Bono. The mates are wearing matching indoor sunglasses though so, yeah, continuity.