Dilly Dally On How Their Track ‘Desire’ Came From ‘Feeling So Turned On’

Dilly Dally's Katie Monks tell NME how she wrote 2015's 'Sore' opener 'Desire'. It's all woozy, lusty, and angsty.

Ah, your teenage years. Parties, feeling carefree, meeting boys at a friend-of-a-friend’s birthday party when their parents were out of town; you were so COOL. It would be easy to look back on your teenage years, when you didn’t have taxes or rent to pay, and think you peaked in sixth form.

But your mind has a tendency to romanticise the past, and you’ve probably blocked out the parts where you gazed over at your crush while sucking the wrong end of a biro, or got so distracted by hormones during PE that you missed the netball hurtling its way towards your glasses at full speed.

Whilst most of us have managed to repress those geeky memories, Dilly Dally took them as inspiration for the video to 2015’s lusty, angsty single, ‘Desire’. “It’s about that feeling of walking home from school with your backpack on feeling like a loser, getting caught up in fantasies,” says lead singer Katie Honks in the latest NME Song Story. The fantasy is abruptly cut short when Katie gets pelted by an egg.

The music, like Katie, gets caught up in that lust. “The lyrics in that song are very, very sexy and very passionate, and sort of romantic. [The song] comes from me being so turned on, and having all these feelings of lust and feeling overpowered by some sexual fantasy taking over my life.”

Charlie saw me after school and then I get desire,” says Katie at the start of the track. But why ‘Charlie’? “Charlie is just cool to say. I don’t know anyone named Charlie. Girls can be named Charlie, guys can be named Charlie.” She adds, “I think that line was just in reference to how the desire made me feel like a kid again.”

The band knew it was right the first time they heard it. “I remember Liz saying, ‘this is going to be the first song on our next record.’”