Disclosure Leave The Stone Roses ‘With A Bar To Clear’ At T In The Park

Disclosure face an unenviable task tonight. Ordinarily, the second-from-top slot at any major festival you care to name would be just another day at the office for them – indeed, they’re co-headlining Reading & Leeds later this summer – but when it’s T in the Park, and when you’re the penultimate band before The Stone Roses, expectations are inevitably warped. Fellow headliners Calvin Harris and the Red Hot Chili Peppers are nothing to be sniffed at, but the Roses’ second coming at T is the weekend’s main event, and Disclosure are hardly blessed with a bevy of indie-rock anthems to ease the crowd into it. Howard Lawrence may wield a bass like he’s mid-solo at Wembley stadium, but you can’t help feeling that Disclosure might work better as counter-programming on another stage than warming up the main one for Ian Brown and co.

Yet here’s where the Lawrence’s experience of selling out arenas comes in handy. From the moment they arrive onstage to ‘White Noise’, the duo are in complete command of the crowd. Their set might be short on indie-rock anthems, but it’s tactile and involving; the Lawrences themselves might have the disengaged air of hardcore musos, but they’re doing considerably more than just pressing ‘Play’.

Neither do the conditions do any harm in fostering a party atmosphere: “We’ve got the sunset, we’re in Scotland with some crazy ravers there’s nowhere we’d rather be,” announces Guy before ‘Jaded’, and while it’s the kind of thing he’s said a hundred times before at a hundred different festivals, it’s true enough tonight. The show is so well-honed that the lack of A-list guests – Brendan Reilly makes an appearance for ‘Moving Mountains’, but he’s hardly in the same league as Lorde or Sam Smith – doesn’t even register.

Tonight, Disclosure are so impressive that they leave the Stone Roses with a bar to clear; Reading & Leeds had better look out.