Disclosure On Their ‘Caracal’ Collaborations – Lorde, The Weeknd, Sam Smith And More

Dance megastars Disclosure talk us through the main guests on their upcoming second album…

The Weeknd
Who: Laptop R&B pioneer, real name Abel Tesfaye
Appears on: ‘Nocturnal’
Guy: “We wrote ‘Nocturnal’ in Jungle City studios, which has a panoramic view of Manhattan and the sunset was banging – it felt like a scene out of Drive. Abel was a really safe dude. We pushed him to go as high as he possibly could on the top note.”


Sam Smith
Who: Brit soul superstar, who appeared on 2013 single ‘Latch’
Appears on: ‘Omen’
Guy: “The main thing was that we didn’t want it to be ‘Latch’ 2.0. We’re not just making music together again because Sam has got big, we’re doing it because we’re a great team. Sam was on some crazy diet at the time so he just brought a shiteload of avocados. We were sitting there eating cheesecake.”

Gregory Porter
Who: Grammy-winning US jazz favourite
Appears on: ‘Holding On’
Guy: “Our manager suggested we write a soul song. I asked Howard who has the most soulful voice right now and he said Gregory straight away. He’s like a big teddy bear and his hat is like Darth Vader’s mask. I don’t think it ever comes off.”

Lion Babe
Who: NYC neo-soul duo
Appears on: ‘Hourglass’
Guy: “Lion Babe are a brand new act consisting of a singer, Jillian, and a producer, Lucas, but we just wanted her to sing, because sometimes too many chefs can spoil the broth.”
Howard: “The song is about feeling sad about getting old. It was cool to write about it even though none of us are facing it right now.”


Who: ‘Love + War’ hitmaker
Appears on: ‘Willing & Able’
Guy: “Kwabs was a pro, peaceful, super zen, but once you get him talking…”
Howard: “He came out of his shell so fast, within two minutes of the session ending he’d asked me to dogsit for him.”

Who: New Zealand’s chart-smashing ‘Royals’ phenomenon
Appears on: ‘Magnets’
Howard: “She tweeted a photo of us getting milkshakes near the studio. Sam Smith was also in the café and some fans asked Lorde to take their picture with him. She took the photo and they realised what they’d done and we laughed, it was like ‘it’s too late, you fucked it’.”

Who: US R&B superstar
Appears on: ‘Good Intentions’
Guy: “He was born to be a star but he leaves all that shit at the door. He was a real pro and recorded every word separately. He just turned up in standard all black, quite a bit of jewellery, pretty big sunglasses, looking sick.”

Who: Former backing singer turned neo-soul Soundcloud sensation
Appears on: ‘Superego’
Guy: “Her music is wicked, and she self-produces a lot of it. ‘Superego’ has a dubstep rhythm so it’s a little bit further away from our normal sound. It makes me think of bubbles, so maybe it’s bubstep?”

Jordan Rakei
Who: Twenty-year-old Brisbane soul singer
Appears on: ‘Masterpiece’
Guy: “My friend from school went travelling in Australia and saw Jordan play live. He reminds us of D’Angelo, Erykah Badu and J Dilla. He came to the UK to pursue his career in music and two weeks later we were in the studio together.”

Brendan Reilly
Who: Twirly-moustache’d US jazzster
Appears on: ‘Moving Mountains’
Guy: “Brendan is definitely a curveball – Howard found him through Jazz FM. We wanted him for his mind-blowing vocal ridiculousness. We’re lucky to be able to work with talented new artists.”

Disclosure’s ‘Caracal’ is released September 25, and reviewed in next week’s NME