Disclosure Tease New Album With Thunderous New Single ‘Bang That’ – Track Review

After the release of their surprise million-selling Number One album ‘Settle’, Surrey duo Disclosure took off into the dance-pop stratosphere, scoring hit singles, appearances at every international festival worth its salt and a 2013 Grammy nomination for Best Dance Album. Two years later, the Lawrence brothers are back with a banger. ‘Bang That’ (and it’s no misleading title) pushes their ravey sonics into colder, lustier territory here, stripping back the hyperactive hooks of fan favourites like ‘White Noise’ for a more minimalist, beat-driven five minutes of rave pressure. By the time it hits its agonising mid-section, which swells up like an electric storm before unleashing the kind of drop that’ll make you want to hire out a Hackney warehouse and throw an impromptu roller disco, you’ll be aching for their eagerly awaited second album, said to be nearing completion.

If the tune, which takes a sample from 313 Bass Mechanic’s ‘Pass Out’, sounds familiar, it’s because it’s been in and out of the pair’s DJ sets of late. You’ll want to catch it as they launch into the 2015 festival circuit this summer, starting with next month’s Parklife. Listen to the track above and let us know what you think.