Check out the Prime Deal on Cards Against Humanity, the world’s naughtiest card game

Tired of Monopoly, bored of Cluedo and fancy spicing up the after-dinner entertainment? Amazon have the world's dirtiest card game on sale for £16.99...

What is it? The UK edition of everyone’s favourite disgusting game Cards Against Humanity

How much is it? £16.99 (reduced from £25.00)

Why buy? Board games have a bit of a wholesome reputation, don’t they? Lets face it, Monopoly only really turns dirty when some remote family relative builds a pair of hotels on Mayfair and Park Lane, steals everyone’s money, and later gets rumbled for being a filthy cheat. And as for Cluedo, well, the only thing messed up about that is the fact that it casually references murder.

If all of that sounds more snore-inducing than the Queen’s Speech after Christmas dinner, you’re in luck – Amazon have a special Prime Day deal on the most disgusting game of all time, Cards Against Humanity.

The basic premise is this: each player gets handed a selection of cards to match up into pairs. Each round a player reads out a question on a black card, and the object of the game is to create the most disturbing combinations possible using a white card. Sample sentences: “What is Batman’s guilty pleasure? An Oedipus Complex”, “Daddy, why is Mommy crying? The glass ceiling”, “Hey baby, come back to my place and I’ll show you… my privileged white penis”.

Not for the faint-hearted, Cards Against Humanity should be approached with caution. Be warned, after a few sherries, your Grandma might well develop a love for the game, and cause a family row when she plays a particularly hideous combination concerning her unhealthy crush on Robert Downey Jr.

Find a mate with Amazon Prime, and get them to snap one up for you here.