Dizzee, The Big Pink, The Bands You Need To See This Autumn – Inside The New NME (23/09/09)

The new issue of NME, on sale across the UK from Wednesday 23 September, is a touring special featuring all manner of on-the-road excitement. SUCH AS…

The astonishing rise and rise of Britain’s favourite bonkers pop star Dizzee Rascal.

The summer’s over, but there’s no need to kill yourself – here are 15 musical reasons to be cheerful this Autumn.

What do bands get up to on the tourbus? No, apart from that? Peek behind the velvet rope – or rather, the rusty van door – with our Tourbus Top Trumps thingy.

Have you heard Egyptian Hip-Hop yet? No? Then we pity you, frankly. But it’s OK, the Radar section is here fill the aching new-music void in your soul.

There’s some comedy in there too, courtesy of dreadlocked chuckle-weasel Tim Minchin.

Coldplay, Jay-Z and Girls Aloud at Wembley Stadium: should you have been there, or was it just full of twats?

The new Paramore album: flame-haired pop-punk genius or flaming load of old toss?

Plus: Julian Casablancas‘ spanking new solo effort heads up this week’s 10 Tracks.