DJ Khaled Got Lost On His Jetski At Night And Liveblogged The Story In Epic Snapchat Posts

Yesterday afternoon and evening (December 14), producer, radio personality and aspiring life coach DJ Khaled spent most of his time on his jet ski riding around Miami Bay, but not really out of choice. He rode over to his friend Rozay’s house for some lunch and ended up lost on the water in the dark after the city lights went down. And thankfully for us, the Snapchats he posted have been preserved via Youtube. Here is the story of how it happened.

Khaled, whose eighth album ‘I Changed A Lot’ came out in October, saw some police boats on his way to Rozay’s. Unimpressed, he posted videos of them from afar captioned ‘smh’, over which he provided his idiosyncratic commentary. The next few posts were spent avoiding the po-po.

“I’m not sure if that’s the boys over there,” he says. “Ok. I see him. He think he gonna get me this time? It’s not gonna happen. I’m very focused.”


He manages to evade them that time, but knows it’s not over. “He’s still around us. He thinks we gonna slip. He played himself,” Khaled says, before turning his attention to other things. “This what you call crazy big yacht. Now, them boys they lurked away but they around. They everywhere. We not fallin’ for the trap, they everywhere. Ride with me.” Through the journey of more success, right Khaled?

After stopping off at Rozay’s for lunch, Khaled’s day gets quite a lot worse. Call it karma or common sense – the po-po were going to catch up with him eventually. Here he is getting a ticket and providing philosophical ruminations. The key, he says, is to overcome it. And by ‘it’ he probably means ‘getting what’s coming to you for breaking the law’.

So how exactly does Khaled choose to overcome it? By doing exactly the same thing again.

Shit goes down now. Khaled’s running out of time. “It’s dark,” he says. “In a minute there ain’t gonna be no lights to navigate us to where we need to go. I’m gonna check in with y’all.”

The lights go. “It’s pitch black out here. If y’all know Zay Zee tell her to call me!” Sounds a bit desperate now. Still talking to himself, he says, “The key is to make it. The key is to make it. It’s so dark out here, we don’t know where the hell we at but the key is to make it, the key is never give up. It’s not easy to win, I know that.”

“It’s so real out here right now,” he says. “The only reason why you see anything is because I got the flash on.”


“The key,” he surmises eventually, “is not to drive a jet ski in the dark. This is against the law and not even just that, this ain’t right.”

He gets home after a long night of driving around the water. All is well again, so he celebrates by having a bath and lighting up a fat one in his jacuzzi. “Feels good to be back for the pathway to more success,” he goes. “Feels great. Lioonn!” Yeah, Khaled. Lion.

See the whole escapade below: