Watch A Bat Orgasm In DJ Mustard, Nicki Minaj And Jeremih’s Bizarre New Video For ‘Don’t Hurt Me’

DJ Mustard has released a new video for his single, ‘Don’t Hurt Me’ and it’s a little bit rude.

In the video, animated by Australian artist Felix Colgrave, different species make love under the moonlight to Jeremih and Nicki Minaj‘s R&B vocals.

A moth is drawn into the cradling arms of a predator bat, but avoids getting eaten by seducing the beast with long strokes down its belly. Then, as Jeremih coos “Don’t hurt me, hurt me, hurt me/You know I like it naughty, naughty, naughty“, the bat throws its head back, surrendering to orgasm.

Things get smuttier later as a squid mounts the head of a whale, strokes its sides with its tentacles, and sprays a load of black ink into the creature’s open mouth.

The musicians involved with the track don’t escape the sexualised animated world. Minaj is portrayed as a snake in pink lipstick – possibly a reference to her ‘Baby Got Back’-sampling hit ‘Anaconda’ – and she squeezes and caresses a mouse before their tails become intertwined. Meanwhile, DJ Mustard gets enveloped in what appears to be pink tree trunk tentacles. Totally bizarre.

Watch below:

A press release for ‘Don’t Hurt Me’ calls the video “animal attraction, but not in the way you’d expect.”

Colgrave specialises in weird and wonderful animations. Back in 2014, he animated the video to Fever The Ghost‘s track ‘Source’, in which a dragon rolls through some intestines.