Do You Use Chatroulette?

It’s hard to know whether Chatroulette – the site that enables people to chat to randomized strangers via their webcam – is really a global web phenomenon, or merely a hot buzzword in the media.

After all, when Jon Stewart, of the ever-brilliant The Daily Show, attempted to use the site, all he found were other news reporters (watch from 1.20, it’s very funny indeed):

Stewart is not the only one to have noticed the preponderance of porny exhibitionists on Chatroulette – when we used the site in the office, we witnessed acts we may never scrub from our brains (hint: dogs were involved).

Perhaps the best approach, then, is to treat Chatroulette (with all due caution) as a short-lived bit of fun, rather than a way of interacting with interesting people.

This Ben Folds-type singer-songwriter seems to have the right idea: