Do Young People Really Care About Their Looks More Than Climate Change?

So there’s an election on tomorrow (May 6). You may have heard. The consensus in the media is that young people in the UK don’t really care about politics.

If you believed what you read in the papers, you’d think the current generation were more interested in snorting mephedrone and stabbing each other than in voting.

We thought that was a bit unfair, so we conducted a bit of research of our own. We polled over 2000 people between the ages of 16 and 24 and asked which issues they were most concerned about.

And it turns out… well, the people we asked are quite politically disengaged, as it turns out. And quite self-interested. Career prospects, future financial security and personal appearance all ranked far higher than collective fears such as climate change and terrorism.

73% of the people we polled said they cared about the election, but 52% felt that the main UK parties had failed to address any of their concerns. Here’s the full run-down of issues concerning 16-24-year-olds:

Career prospects – 92%
Future financial security – 89%
Personal appearance – 89%
Safety on the streets – 86%
Being a victim of crime – 84%
Personal debt – 83%
Climate change – 82%
Terrorism – 81%
Breakdown of family values – 80%
Conflict in Afghanistan – 77%

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