Does Luke Skywalker Turn Evil In ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’? This Clip Might Hold The Answer

The internet is, inevitably, currently awash with even more Star Wars rumours than usual. In case you didn’t noticed, The Force Awakens trailer landed earlier this week, prompting plenty of feverish speculation. Will Han Solo bite the big one? Might Darth Vader return from the dead? Could saintly Luke Skywalker turn to the Dark Side?

If that last one seems unlikely, take a look at this 2005 clip in which Mark Hamill, who played Luke Skywalker in the original film trilogy, reveals that he once pitched precisely that storyline to series head honcho George Lucas.

The actor shared the anecdote on the short-lived show Dinner For Five, whose premise took that whole ‘dream dinner party guests’ idea and made it flesh. In this episode, director Kevin Smith sits down with comic book genius Stan Lee, actor Jason Lee, Hamill and – guess who! – JJ Abrams, the man behind The Force Awakens.

Hamill’s quote in full: ““As an actor that would be more fun to play. I just thought that’s the way it was going from when we finished [‘The Empire Strikes Back’]. I figured that’s what will be the pivotal moment. I’ll have to come back, but it will be I have Han Solo in my crosshairs and I’ll be about to kill him or about to kill the Princess or about to kill somebody that we care about. It’s an old cornball movie, like World War II movies.”

The concept has been previously explored in the 1991 comic book series Dark Empire, but it remains to be seen if Hamill’s words have spent the last decade percolating in Abram’s overactive brain. Guess we’ll have to wait and find out on December 17…