Doherty’s Back! What Do You Make Of The New Babyshambles Single?

Peter Doherty is, shall we say, a mercurial talent. As fans up and down the country can attest, you’re never quite sure exactly what to expect from one of his live shows, or even if he’s going to turn up at all. So it’s with a sigh of relief and something of a raised eyebrow that we note that Babyshambles’ new single ‘Nothing Comes To Nothing’ is not just a long-awaited return for the band, but a return to spritely form. It’s a song that suggests the band’s new album will be more collaborative and communal than previous efforts, it’s a little bit Traveling Wilburys and far stronger than anyone who’s followed his chequered recent live performances could have reasonably hoped for. It suggests that Peter (the ‘R’ is now compulsory) is back on form. So has it whet your appetite for new LP ‘Sequel To The Prequel’? Or would you rather he return to the scrappy garage days of yore? Let us know in the comments below.