Donald Trump accidentally invented the word ‘covfefe’ and the internet lost its s**t

It's the latest installment of: "Oh God, what the hell has he done now?"

They say these days that the tweet is mightier than the sword, and US President Donald J Trump – yes, it still very much pains us to say – is perhaps no better proponent of that very 21st century of maxims.

Trump’s tweets – which he yawns out to his 31 million followers on an alarmingly-frequent (or should that be frequently-alarming?) basis – have become a universal plaything since he first announced his intention to run for political office, with his detractors keen to jump on the latest misguided policy announcement or stream-of-conscious rant while his supporters blindly retweet and abuse anyone who dares disagree. It’s an unrelenting vortex of shithousery that you’d be best-placed to stay away from if you value your health, sanity or the sanctity of your timeline.

Until last night, that is. Until ‘covfefe’ entered our lives.


The Donald, ranting about the ‘negative press’, took to Twitter to blow off some steam, and in the process managed to inexplicably coin a new term, nay, movement – nay! A brand new culture. Behold:

Naturally, one or two people picked up on Trump’s now-deleted typo, and the new word – sorry, religion – proceeded to take social media by storm.


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Tremendous. Incredibly, Trump has since tried to own his mistake, asking people if they can guess the “true meaning” of ‘covfefe’.

Meanwhile, in news that’s been somewhat buried under the furore over ‘covfefe’, Trump is set to pull the US out of the Paris climate accord – a decision which could have disastrous consequences in the fight to quell the fast-spreading effects of global warming. Enjoy!

Well, shit. At least you can get 18 points for ‘covfefe’ in Scrabble, though.


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