Download A Free Album Of Glastonbury Bands (With Marina, The Drums, Crystal Castles And More)

Glastonbury, Glastonbury, Glastonbury, is it that time of year again already? Things are taking shape over on Worthy Farm and the majority of the NME office are itching to get down there. Because no matter how many times we go or how broken we get, however many of our tents and brain cells the place washes away, Glastonbury holds a vicelike and some might say mystical grip on us all, and even the most hardened hack cynic.

The huge range of bands, the endless sideshows, the site’s seemingly infinite dimensions and neverending night time options, the overall good vibes – there’s basically nowhere like it and the advent of the weekend always causes communal butterflies.

Glasto sunset

While you could spend a week there not seeing a single band and have a great time, there’s hundreds of artists heading to Pilton this week that need to be witnessed. These are just 20 of the acts we’re most excited about.

The mixtape features some new, some exclusive and some classic, so download it, burn it for the car on the way down and plug it into your campsite soundsystem. Then go see them all live – the tracklisting and approximate stage times are below and in a word doc as part of the zip file.

See you there….

Preview the tracks here – download at the end

1 Four Tet – ‘Angel Echoes’

The folktronic genius turned a bit dancier with his most recent album ‘There Is Love In You’. This twinkling treat is the opening track.

Playing: Wow Tent, Sunday 10.45pm (Live); Stonebridge Bar, Saturday eve (DJ set)

2 Crystal Fighters – ‘In The Summer ‘

Daily Download regulars and electro punks from Spain’s Basque county Crystal Fighters put up a fight at their live shows, battering synths and wooden blocks on sheepskin blankets. Download more from them here.

Playing: East Dance, 2.30pm, Sunday

3 Toddla T – ‘Sky Surfing (with Wayne Marshall)’

Toddla T blew NME’s stereo a new hole with his genre-splattered debut ‘Skanky Skanky’. Now signed to Ninja Tune he’s set to release this track, a Daily Download exclusive, as his next single. It’s bouncy, epic stuff.

Playing: The Hub, midnight-ish, Friday; West Dance, 6pm, Sunday (DJ set)


4 Florence & The Machine – ‘Drumming Song (Boy 8 Bit remix)’
Not much left to say about Florence since she became more popular than the Queen, but this is the best remix of one of her tracks ever done (and that includes the xx reworking) by Boy 8-Bit, who is also playing this weekend.

Florence playing: Other Stage, 7.15pm, Friday
Boy 8-Bit playing: West Dance, 2pm, Friday

5 The Drums – ‘Forever And Ever (St Etienne remix)’
Again, another straight up NME favourite, remixed by the indie heroes.

Playing: John Peel, 4.30pm, Sunday; Strummerville Campfire (time TBC, check NME.COM for more)

6 Two Door Cinema Club – ‘Come Back Home (Myd remix)’
The DD favourites are set to break through to the next level this summer, and the likes of ‘Something Good Can Work’ will blow the Saturday morning crud from your eyes and ears. This is an exclusive remix.

Playing: Queens Head, 6pm, Thursday; Other Stage, 11am, Saturday

7 Broken Bells – ‘The High Road’
One of three sets I’m 100% definitely not missing however mashed I become, this happily coincides with Gorillaz on the main stage. Danger Mouse and The Shins’ James Mercer collaborate to sublime effect on this opening track to their eponymous debut.

Playing: The Park, 9.45pm, Friday

8 Broken Social Scene – ‘Chase Scene’
The Canadian supergroup brought an end to their five year hiatus recently with the majestic ‘Forgiveness Rock Record’. This frantic treat is the second track and another DD exclusive.

Playing: John Peel, 7.15pm, Sunday

9 Crystal Castles – ‘Celestica (Memory Tapes Remix)’
Crystal Castles stepped back into the fray this year with their second self-titled album and it was all we wanted from the Canadian digi-punks. Expect freaks and shrieks on Sunday night. The mix comes from Memory Tapes, whose blissed out New Order-esque ‘Bicycle’ was the hands-down best track we gave away in 2009. Get it here if you haven’t already – although sadly he’s not playing this weekend.

Playing: East Dance, 9pm, Sunday

10 Bonobo – ‘We Could Forever’
Femi Kuti isn’t the only reason to spend some time at what used to be known as the Jazz World stage. Alongside George Clinton and Rodrigo y Gabriela, Ninja Tune’s simian signing will be keeping things fun-kay, and will no doubt play this fantastic hybrid of African highlife and the flutes from Prodigy’s ‘3 Kilos’.

Playing: West Holts, 4.15pm, Friday

11 The Phenomenal Handclap Band – ’15-20’
Not the newest track in the box but a classic nonetheless. If you haven’t seen PHCB’s fidgety funk yet, you know what to do – head to one of their admittedly not-best-placed sets.

Playing: West Holts, 1.15pm, Saturday; Queens Head, 9pm, Saturday

12 Empire Of The Sun – ‘We Are The People’
This is such a festival anthem you can almost hear the campsite twat doing his own rendition at 6am already. This is one of their few UK shows this year and Emily Eavis is excited. You should be too.

Playing: The Park, 10.30pm, Sunday


13 Avi Buffalo – ‘Remember Last Time’
Long Beach natives Avi Buffalo are helping Sub Pop redeem themselves after a dry patch and played some awe-inspiring NME shows this year. We featured them in the recent Daily Download LA special.

Playing: The Park, 1.30pm, Sunday; Queens Head, 10pm, Sunday

14 Beach House – ‘Lover Of Mine’
A 9/10 review and early download ‘Norway’’s total domination of blogland in January set these Baltimore dream poppers up well for 2010 and the Eavis Two have them booked for a perfect sunny afternoon up in the Park Stage.

Playing: The Park, 4pm, Saturday

15 Tunng – ‘Hustle’
Because you can’t do Glasto without a few wiggles to the odd bit of twisted folk. Expect sunshiney joy from the quirky collective.

Playing: West Holts, 2pm, Sunday

16 Holy Fuck – ‘Red Lights’
Toronto’s found sound pioneers and general toy microphone abusers are fast becoming a Sunday afternoon institution. Expect motorik drum and bass patterns alongside some impressive keyboard juggling as they get tangled in a knot of wires and pulsing sine waves.

Playing: Queens Head, 7pm, Saturday; John Peel, 3.15pm, Sunday

17 David Rubato – ‘Circuit (Aeroplane remix)’
Belgian duo Aeroplane have been responsible for a string of amazing remixes over the last few years (not least this track and a great Grace Jones mix) and are releasing their own tune ‘We Can’t Fly’ soon. While they’re playing 3.30pm, their strung-out balaeric disco works wonders at 3.30am too.

Playing:West Dance, 3.30pm, Friday
18 Magnetic Man – ‘MAD’

We heard some new tunes from the dubstep supergroup (featuring Skream, Benga and Artwork) recently and they sounded h-e-a-v-y. This will rattle what nerves you have left by late Sunday.

Playing: West Dance, 10.45pm, Sunday

19 Marina & The Diamonds – ‘Oh No (Active Child remix)’
Another exclusive, this sees everyone’s favourite non-robot go through the remix grinder courtesy of LA chillwave lot Active Child. It’s a monumental mix a long, long way from the original. Get some original Active Child on our previous Merok record label profile.

Playing: John Peel, 6.15pm, Saturday

20 La Roux – In For The Kill (Skream remix)
Last year’s biggest download on this blog by a long way, this was the dubstep crossover hit that launched Skream into the big time and didn’t harm La Roux’s career either.

Playing: Other Stage, 5.45pm, Friday

So, what do you think of the album? And who are you most looking forward to seeing?

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Drownedinsound have done some nice Spotify preview playlists for each day too. Check them out here.

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