Download A Free Memphis Industries Mixtape

Ah, 13. That wonderful moment of time when you say bye-bye to childhood and you enter your teenage years. It’s about that time for record label Memphis Industries, and they promise to now “start growing hair in funny places” to mark the transition.

That was probably a bit too much information on their end, so we’ll stick with their other commemorative gift: a 19-track playlist of assorted tunes from its 13 years of releasing music. And as an extra special gift to readers, they’ve made a few of those tunes free for download.

Dutch Uncles

Here’s what’s up for grabs (in addition to the lovely batch of streams):

Dutch Uncles – ‘Cadenza’ (Delphic Remix)
Milagres – ‘Glowing Mouth’
J Xaverre – ‘Saturday’ (Caribou Remix)
Banjo Or Freakout – ‘Idiot Rain’ (Chad Valley Remix)

Memphis Industries is headed up by brothers Matt and Ollie Jacob, who started it as a hobby back in the day. Since the crew didn’t throw a bash to mark year 10, they’re throwing an even bigger birthday party on November 30th at KOKO – featuring performances from The Go! Team, Field Music, Dutch Uncles and Colourmusic. (You can buy your tickets to that show here.)

The Go! Team