Download A Free Mixtape Of Øya Festival Bands – Part Three – With The Gaslight Anthem, Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti and More

Here’s the third and final installment of our exclusive Øya Festival Mixtape. We’ll be at the Norwegian festival from August 10-14 to bring you updates on some of the great acts scheduled to perform. Here are a few more free downloads from some of these acts – both from Norway and abroad.

Pic: Julie Loen

Preview the tracks here – download at the end

1. The Gaslight Anthem – ‘Boxer’ (acoustic)
Here’s a beautiful acoustic version of The Gaslight Anthem’s hit, ‘Boxer’. This New Jersey-based band will undoubtedly play a great set at the festival.

2. Field Music remix- The School of Language ‘Aposiopesis’
School Of Language’s David Brewis is also a member of Field Music, so it only makes sense that this remix would be made. Hailing from the UK, Field Music will be heading to Oslo to take part in Øya festivities.

3. Purified in Blood – ‘Under den Svarte Himmel’
Another Norwegian metal band, Purified In Blood have won the Zoom and Alarm Prize awards for best live band. Despite breaking up in 2007, they returned a year later and will be performing for enthusiastic metalheads at this year’s Øya.

4. The Black Angels – ‘Bad Vibrations’
A psychadelic/alt-rockband from Austin, Texas, The Black Angels are named after the Velvet Underground song ‘The Black Angel’s Death Song’ and their band logo features an image of Nico. Fan of the Underground? Then check out this track.

5. Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti – ‘Round and Round’
We’ve posted this track before, but we still dig it. Download this lovely track from LA’s finest.

6. Pow Pow – ‘Solar Eclipse’
Pow Pow is a techno act from Norway. They describe their music as “an organic and vibrant experience” that is “easy to move your feet and rock your hips to”.

7. Ingrid Olava – ‘The Queen’
Norwegian singer Ingrid Olava was signed to EMI Music Norway immediately after they heard her at a concert. She’s played with several other Norwegian bands, but is now going solo with some gorgeous tracks such as this one.

Download it now here.