Download A Free Mixtape Of Øya Festival Bands – Part Two – With Yeasayer, Fool’s Gold and More

Yesterday we shared Part One of the Øya Festival Mixtape, and today we’ve got 7 more free tracks for your listening pleasure. Here’s anther sampling of what’s to come at Norway’s biggest and greenest music festival.

Pic: Julie Loen

Preview the tracks here – download at the end

1. Wardruna – ‘Bjarkan’
Based in old Nordic tradition, nature and music, Wardruna uses traditional Nordic instruments to create some dark and mysterious sounds. This will be one extraordinary performance to see.

2. Youth Pictures Of Florence Henderson – ‘To Sit Down, or to Follow, so I Follow’
They recorded most of the songs on their debut album in their school’s bomb shelter in Norway and, in 2005, the album was ranked second best Norwegian album of the year by Panorama (the country’s largest online music newspaper).

3. Thom Hell – ‘Over You’
This singer-songwriter has two EPs, four albums and a handful of Norwegian Grammys under his belt. Download his lovely ballad, ‘Over You’.

4. Yeasayer – ‘Ambling Alp’
Brooklyn-based band Yeasayer have gotten a lot of love from NME recently. You’ve probably heard this track by now, and if not, here’s your chance.

5. Ingeborg Selnes – ‘Feel It’
Originally part of the hardcore music scene in Bodø, Norway, Selnes has since moved on to smoother electro-pop tunes. Her second album will be released shortly after her Øya appearance.

6. Fools Gold – ‘Suprise Hotel’
Fool’s Gold will be traveling from Los Angeles to bring their sunny tropical sounds to Norway. You can catch them at a handful of other UK festivals this summer, including Standon Calling and Reading/Leeds.

7. Rubik – ‘Wasteland’
These guys are from Finland and their music is fun, indie rock-pop. Last year, they told Nylon Magazine, “I don’t think we’ve ever approached our music or songwriting through our Finnishness—we’ve always wanted to belong to and even be a part of a more international heritage.” Seeing as Øya’s got a huge collection of international bands, this will be a great setting for them.

Download Part Two of the mixtape here.