Download Free Tracks From The Wombats And Grace Jones

Getting a bit tired of Gaga’s antics? Think wearing a dress made of stuffed Kermit The Frogs is a bit too…whacko? Well, the legend that is Grace Jones has returned to show us all how it’s done.

And to remind us all as to why we should listen to her, Ms. Jones is revamping her 2008 album ‘Hurricane’ to create special edition version ‘Hurricane Dub’. The album will feature ‘Well Well Well Dub’ (produced by Ivor Guest) – which you can sample below (and score a free download of, via the Soundcloud player).

Or if you’d prefer something a bit less reggae-pop and a bit more gloomy, have a crack at this exclusive track from The Wombats: the B-side to ‘Our Perfect Disease’ (which was released as a single yesterday). “I’m not in love with you/I’m a coward and a thief/I’m a shark with blunted teeth“, Murph sings. “I have somewhat misled you/I’ve been known to bend the truth/I would lie in a confession booth“. So if you’d like to check out his brand new musical cathartic cleanse, nab a free download below.